Regent Bowerbird

With less than 100 Regent Bowerbirds in captivity, On the Perch Bird Park is one of the only Australian zoos where you could have the opportunity of feeding them in our Asia-Pacific Walk-in aviary.


Sericulus chrysocephalus


Subtropical rainforest, associated sclerophyll woodland, and more open habitats, including cultivated country and urban gardens; sea-level to 900 m, altitudinal limits varying across range.


Coastal zone of CE Australia from E Queensland (Connors and Clarke Ranges, on Eungella Plateau) S, with distributional gap about Fitzroy R Valley inland of Rockhampton, to E New South Wales (to area immediately N of Sydney).

Conservation Status

Captivity: Very Rare, less than 100 n captivity. In the wild, not globally threatened. Restricted range species: present in Eastern Australia EBA.