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Closing a place like On the Perch Bird Park is not as simple as shutting the door for the very last time. We have more than 800 animals that need to be relocated to other zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries.

The sanctuary now aims to move all of these birds to other wildlife sanctuaries and parks across Australia, enabling our unique model of intimate wildlife interactions to continue. Now more than ever and as the bushfire emergency slows, positive interactions with nature and a mental and physical re-connection between people and wildlife is extremely important in the healing process during this overwhelming natural disaster.

Our Closure Plan guides this work after February 14, but with no income from park entry fees to support this transition, we have launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to assist. Funds raised will be used to look after the health and well-being of the birds while other sanctuaries and facilities get ready for their arrival. Funds raised will also be used to dismantle the aviaries and send these materials for use by others caring for our unique wildlife. You can donate by clicking HERE

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